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JUNE warrior


At 2.5 months old, Kehlahni had her first seizure while breastfeeding, and the episodes continued to happen when waking from naps. Despite initial dismissal by doctors, her mother persisted, suspecting infantile spasms after researching online.

Three days later, the diagnosis of Infantile Spasms/West Syndrome shocked the family.

Epilepsy dominated their lives for two years and life was challenging, juggling Kehlahni’s care and some normalcy for her two brothers.

Various treatments were tried but her seizures persisted, leading to a diagnosis of refractory epilepsy. Now as a 4-year-old, Kehlahni's seizures have lessened, though they still occur daily.

After all she’s been through, she’s progressing with therapies, maintaining her happy, loving attitude. Her love for interaction, outdoor activities, and music, especially The Wiggles, brings joy to her family.

Kehlahni is their warrior, their light, and their blessing.

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JUNE warrior


At 37 weeks pregnant, Lukah's mother learned he had mosaic Trisomy 1Q, a rare genetic condition where some cells carry an extra chromosome 1q.

This extra genetic material, occurring sporadically, leads to a range of symptoms like developmental delays, distinctive facial features, and potential medical issues such as seizures.

Initially, epilepsy was suspected but later ruled out.

However, Lukah began experiencing seizures last Christmas, leading to a diagnosis of epilepsy in February 2024.

Despite these challenges and facing Global Developmental Delay, Lukah's resilience shines through, always wearing a smile.

Managing mosaic Trisomy 1Q requires tailored medical care due to its varied effects. 0

Lukah's family is currently focused on finding the right medication to manage his seizures, determined to provide him with the best possible care.

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JUNE warrior


In May 2021, Jordan was born via emergency c-section. Her mother's intuition led to a three-week hospital stay preceding the urgent delivery.

This timely decision saved Jordan's life. Yet, her birth came with further complications—she wasn't breathing and required immediate ICU care.

Her mother never lost focus on Jordan's well-being, even with her own post-surgery challenges.

Eventually, she held her daughter for the first time after a tumultuous three days, only to face a new challenge: seizures.

Further medical investigation revealed a perinatal stroke, reducing hope that she might make it home from hospital.

Despite the odds against her, Jordan pulled through, leading to a remarkable recovery and eventual return home after three weeks.

Even a diagnosis of uncontrollable epilepsy hasn’t held her back for long. In July 2023, Jordan underwent major brain surgery—a hemispherotomy—aimed at improving her quality of life and managing her condition.

Throughout everything, Jordan's infectious smile and vibrant personality has continued to light up the lives of those around her.

Her family is immensely grateful for the support and kindness of their village who have stepped up in the tough times.

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