June Warrior


Jordan made her entrance into the world earlier than anticipated by emergency c section.

Sensing something was wrong, her mum had gone in for monitoring, leading to a three week hospital stay before Jordan's emergency birth.

If she hadn’t made that decision, Jordan likely wouldn’t have survived.

Jordan's arrival was met with complications; she wasn’t breathing and required immediate transfer to the intensive care unit.

It was a heart-wrenching moment for her parents, who only wanted to hold their newborn daughter and know she would be OK.

Despite her own post-surgery complications, Jordan’s mum remained focused on Jordan's well-being, and after 3 days she could finally hold her beautiful girl in her arms.

But then things got worse. Jordan began experiencing seizures, prompting further medical intervention.

An MRI revealed a stroke suffered around the time of her birth, increasing the uncertainty over her prognosis.

Doctors didn’t expect her to make it but Jordan's fighting spirit defied expectations, leading to an incredible recovery that saw her eventually returning home after three weeks in the hospital.

Jordan's life so far has been marked by resilience and determination.

Despite facing significant hurdles, including a diagnosis of uncontrollable epilepsy, she has continued to defy the odds. In July 2023, Jordan underwent major brain surgery—a hemispherotomy—in a bid to manage her condition.

It was a tough decision made with obvious apprehension, but ultimately it came down to the possibility of improving her quality of life and mitigating the risks associated with her condition.

The road to recovery hasn't been easy, but Jordan is one tough cookie.

Throughout everything she continues to smile and allow her amazing personality to shine through.

Her mum says “while the path ahead may not always be easy, we can take comfort in the fact that Jordan has already shown that she is capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving her goals”.

As Jordan continues to navigate her way forward, her family remains committed to providing her with the care and support she needs.

They are immensely grateful for the outpouring of kindness and support they've received from their community, recognising the importance of a strong support system, especially in times of adversity.

Jordan has recovered well from her surgery and is smashing her goals.

Her mum describes her as “a very social, happy, cheeky and determined little girl.

Her favourite thing to do is go outside for a walk in the pram, she also loves dancing and singing”.

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