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Meet Remy 

Remy’s epilepsy journey began dramatically, with her first seizure occurring after a family lunch, leaving her with no memory of the event and waking up in the hospital.

Diagnosed at 10 with epilepsy, she started on medication. Her family learned strict protocols for managing her condition especially: keeping it quiet.

Epilepsy brought challenges, making her miss out on typical teenage activities and affecting her adult life.

Despite three failed attempts to stop medication, she accepted the lifelong need for it in 2018.

A fun-loving, ambitious person and mother of two, Remy manages her epilepsy by listening to her body and avoiding stress, and as of 5th October, she will be one year seizure-free.

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Meet Max

At 12 or 13, Max began having absence and nocturnal seizures.

His family initially noticed only the absence seizures, which involve brief periods of staring and loss of awareness, and didn't know what they were.

A nocturnal seizure, seen during a holiday, prompted further investigation, leading to an epilepsy diagnosis at 18.

Now, with well-controlled seizures through medication, Max prioritises his health.

He is an epilepsy advocate and fitness coach, sharing workouts, nutrition tips, and positive vibes on Instagram, inspiring others to manage their health and stay fit despite challenges.

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1IN25 Collection

$5 from every item sold in 1IN25 collection will go straight to EPILEPSY RESEARCH 

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