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It is estimated that 1 in 25 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime.

In December 2020 our lives turned upside down when our daughter had her first seizure. 5 months and many seizures and trips to ER later, she received an epilepsy diagnosis and so began our education in a subject we had known almost nothing about.

The more we learnt about epilepsy, the more we realised the urgent need for progress and finding a cure. And on top of that, we discovered that epilepsy is expensive, exhausting, isolating, lonely and really, really hard.

From our own experience and through conversations with others we know there is a large gap in support when it comes to costs and respite for those of us caring for Epilepsy Warriors. It’s hard to ask for (and receive) help. We all have friends, family and a community around us willing to offer a hand somehow but unsure of how or what to offer.

This is why we've created 1IN25. Our mission is to build and strengthen the communities around our warriors by starting and facilitating conversations. We want to see a world that is Epilepsy friendly, where people know about basic seizure first aid like they know about CPR. Where each family living with Epilepsy has an empathetic and protective village to support them.

Here at 1IN25, we create tees that not only start conversations, they’re also a visual representation of support, understanding and advocacy. Our tees are high quality, environmentally responsible, look great and they give back to our Epilepsy community.

Each month we support an Epilepsy Warrior and their family directly, with $5 from every tee sold from our Warrior Collection going straight into that family’s pocket.
This money can be used however the family needs to spend it – from hospital parking to hiring a babysitter to catch up on sleep.

At the same time, we get the conversation going on social media to bring awareness to the realities of life with Epilepsy by sharing the story of the Warrior we are supporting.

In addition to our Warrior Collections, we also have a permanent 1IN25 range. $5 of every sale in the 1IN25 Collection is donated to epilepsy research.

If your family would like to share their story and be considered for our Warrior of the Month, please complete our application form. At this stage we are only able to support families in Australia (but watch this space).

walking for epilepsy 2023


What an extraordinary day it was, embarking on a 25-hour run for Epilepsy QLD.

🌄 Starting at 8 am on Saturday, the initial laps felt good, but I soon realized it would be a challenging day. With scorching temperatures and a strong headwind on the way back to the tent, I knew I couldn't hide from the elements.

🌙 As the sun set, the chill set in, and I couldn't stop shivering. I felt so fortunate when friends joined me during the night, helping to keep me going. By 1 am, I reached the 100km mark, and though my eyes were heavy on the empty path (a reminder of the epilepsy journey), I knew the sun would rise again, and all would be well.

🌅 With a magical sunrise, another hot day, and tremendous support, I came alive. Smiles and laughter replaced the pain and headwinds. It was a reminder that my family and I are surrounded by amazing people who love and care for us, even on the darkest days.

Today, the day after the 25-hour run, my body feels a bit broken, but my heart and soul are filled with love.

We're raising awareness one person at a time. The most incredible act of kindness happened when a stranger stopped us during the run and donated $1000 to the cause. We're immensely grateful for all the donations and love we received over the weekend. 💜🙏#EpilepsyAwareness#Grateful

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walking for epilepsy 2022

30 Sprint Triathlons in 30 days

This project was all about awareness and we shared a different story or fact about epilepsy in each daily post. With everything epilepsy threw at us - time in hospital and sleepless nights - the support of our community helped make the completion of this one possible.

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Walking for epilepsy 2021

31 Half Marathons in 31 days

This was a very special project because every half-marathon for days 1 - 25 was run on behalf of an epilepsy warrior. We had the privilege of sharing each story and shining a light on the challenges faced, and sheer resilience held, by each family.

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