March Warrior


Harry's journey with seizures began at the age of 6 months. While getting ready to go out for a family birthday celebration, his first seizure happened while sitting on his mother's bed. She noticed his jerking hand movements but had no idea what was happening.

Harry's father, recognising the emergency, immediately called for an ambulance. As is often the case, this seizure was put down as a ‘febrile convulsion’ and after spending the night in hospital they were sent home reassured it was probably a once-off.

A month later he had another seizure during a family holiday in England. Over the following months, seizures became frequent and prolonged, some lasting hours.

At 10 months old, Harry received a diagnosis of Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, causing his parents to worry deeply for what the future would hold for their little boy.

Treatment became an overwhelming ordeal as they navigated through medications, some causing terrible side effects like prolonged loss of appetite.

In 2021, a particularly nasty seizure left Harry temporarily paralysed on his left side.

Determined to create the best outcomes for him, Harry’s parents arranged regular intensive therapies to aid his recovery, and with hard work noticed gradual improvement in his mobility.

Harry's daily routine revolves around extensive therapy sessions, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

Despite the challenges posed by Dravet syndrome, which extend beyond seizures to sleep and eating difficulties, language delays, and motor impairments, Harry is the happiest and most loving little boy.

His family are beyond proud of his resilience and determination – he really is their hero!

Harry’s favourite things include cars, trucks, swimming, his dog, Jordan, and pizza. Through all the highs and lows, this little warrior’s strength and courage is inspiring to everyone who knows him.

$5 from every tee sold in this collection will go straight to Harry and his family

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