Our Vision

It is estimated that 1 in 25 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime.

In December 2020 our lives turned upside down when our daughter had her first seizure. 5 months and many seizures and trips to ER later, she received an epilepsy diagnosis and so began our education in a subject we knew almost nothing about.

The more we learnt about epilepsy, the more we realised the urgent need for progress and finding a cure. And on top of that, we discovered that epilepsy is expensive, exhausting, stigmatised, lonely and really, really hard.

From our own experience and through conversations with others we know there is a large gap in support when it comes to living costs and respite for those of us caring for epilepsy warriors.

While there are wonderful organisations in Australia providing assistance, advocacy and support in many ways, we've found that what's missing, is immediate cash to pay for incidentals - medicines, hospital parking, meals when we've spent 12 hours in emergency and hospital ham and cheese sandwiches aren't cutting it, flights to travel for specialist appointments, lost income from taking too much time off work and running out of leave, hiring a babysitter so we can catch up on sleep or get some housework done, etc, etc.

1IN25 has been created to help fill this gap by holding fundraisers for Epilepsy families. We create month-long campaigns selling personalised tees where $5 from each sale goes directly to the family to spend how they need to spend it.Along with our Warrior Collections, we also have a 1IN25 range. $5 of every sale in the 1IN25 Collection is donated to epilepsy research.

Our hope is that, along with contributing to finding a cure for epilepsy, we can also provide immediate relief for families going through a tough time with an easy fundraiser requiring very little energy on their part. We understand all too well that when we're in the thick of it, planning and organising a fundraising event between seizures and hospital stays is impossibly hard, and we have made our process as easy as possible.

If your family is in need of support, please complete our application form. At this stage we are only able to run campaigns for families in Australia (but watch this space).